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In modern domestic architecture, high roofs have been shown to represent comfort, practicality, and solidness. An advantage of a high slope roof is that it has eaves all around. Eaves protect the walls from the weather and help to shade the walls (and the windows in them) from the sun, thus reducing the power needed to cool the structure in warm climates. Our company offers few types of this roofing style:
Roof Installation - roof replacement, re-roofing, new roof installation.
We offer all types of residential & commercial roofing installation. If you are looking for a roof replacement, or new roof installation, call us today!
Roof Repair - roof leak repairs, leaking skylights, leaking vent pipes.
If you feel you need a roof repair work performed, or if you actually discovered some water leaks or mold, it's obvious that you need a roof repair. Call us today to schedule a free consultation: 1-888-766-3908.
Roof Inspection - roof maintenance.
Inspect your roof at least once a year and after any heavy weather conditions to avoid serious damages and pricy repairs.
Siding Installation - siding repair, siding replacement.
We offer siding installation as well! If you're looking for any kind of siding service, contact us today. We will answer all of your questions, and we will recommend the best solution.
Gutter Installation - gutter cleaning.
If you need new gutters Total Roofing & can help. Schedule gutters installation today!
Home Improvement - windows installation, doors installation, tiles, stucco and more.
If you need new windows or any other home improvement job call Total Roofing & and schedule an installation today!
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