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Siding installation is an important home improvement activity. Effective siding installation goes a long way in enhancing the external of your home. There are different kinds of siding available in the market. However, vinyl sidings have caught the imagination of people of late. We can see more and more people using vinyl siding as a material for giving their homes a new look. The good thing about vinyl siding is that it is not heavy and hence it is quite easy to install. Another feature is that vinyl sidings can be installed on any type of house. Further, you can choose from a wide variety of vinyl sidings with a variety of colors. This means that you do not have to invest in paint.

We offer three kinds of siding;

  • vinyl (traditional type)
  • fiber cemented hardy plank (best on the market, available in 25 colours)
  • cedar siding

Whatever material you need for a vinyl siding installation is available with the manufacturers. You can either purchase directly from them or buy from the local stores dealing in sidings. All the material is available along with instruction manuals but don't try to install it by yourself! Call your local roofing contractor to schedule a siding installation. Only by hiring a professional contractor to install your new siding, it's guaranteed that the installation will be done correct!

One of the first things that contractors do when they install a vinyl siding is installing the starter strips to the base of your exterior walls. Then, they place the starter strips at the bottom of the walls and then they fix the nails. This helps them in sealing up the lowermost ends of the siding panel. The next thing is, to put up the corner caps at the point where the two corners of the walls meet. Then they install the trim strips in the areas that surround the doors, windows as well as other utility openings. This way they will be able to conceal the edges of the siding that are adjacent to the various openings. Once this is done, siding contractors install the vinyl siding, starting from the bottom of the wall and moving slowly upwards.

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