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If you think you might need some roof repair work done, or you already noticed some leaks or mold, it goes without saying that you need a roof repair. A roof leak that is left unattended can lead to bigger problems like black mold and interior damage. It is also considered the owner responsibility to prevent moisture buildup from any roof leaks. Also no insurance company will cover the removal of black mold. Act now, if you neglect it now, you may be responsible for much bigger leak repair cost or even roof replacement in the future.

Be aware of roofing contractors who offer full roof replacement without thoroughly inspecting your property. Get a second opinion! Call Total Roofing & Siding today to receive a free roofing quote. In most cases your roof won't need anything besides some missing shingles or new flashing. Your roof leak may not be that bad and you can save thousands of dollars. Here are the most common roof problems and leaking spots:

Missing or old shingles

If your roof is old, it is possible that the leak is within the roof field. In most cases it's just a cost of shingles or shakes. If your roof is shingle covered, look for missing colored granules and cracks. It's also worth calling a local roofing contractor who can evaluate your roof thoroughly and recommend the best solution.

Leaking chimney

This is the most popular leaking spot. Flashing around the chimney can rust, deteriorate or work loose from the surfaces they protect. Leaking flashing can funnel streams of water into your house damaging house framing and the ceiling below. You should inspect your chimneys every year to avoid any expensive repairs in the future. Look for any watermarks near chimney.

Vent Pipe Leaks

Look for cracked rubber around the plumbing pipe. The vent pipe flashing should dive up and under the shingles that extend up roof from the middle of the plumbing vent. Some seals do not hold well to ultraviolet radiation and fail in about 10 years so try to remember to inspect your vent pipes before winter and after any heavy weather conditions.

Leaking skylights

Many times homeowners first realize they have a skylight leak by finding water stained ceilings or a puddle of water on the floor below a skylight. Call your local roofing contractor to evaluate if you need to replace it or just fix it. Usually if your skylight is new, just a fix is needed.

If you are in need of roof repair, roof replacement or you just need to get a second opinion, call Total Roofing & Siding today for a free quote. We are local NJ roofing contractors that serves surrounding areas since 1999.

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