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Cedar shingle / shake

Cedar shake

Cedar shake roofing is a traditional type of a roof building material that has been used for hundreds of years. It comes in two varieties, shingles and shakes. A shake is much thicker than a shingle and is split to reveal the uneven natural grain of the wood on the face. A shingle has a uniform appearance and is smooth and tapered on both surfaces.

Cedar shake roofing creates such a distinct look that asphalt shingles or metal roof manufactures have entire product lines that try to mimic wood. People choose cedar shake roofs because they are very easy to install, look beautiful and repairing them is very simple. Cedar is naturally bug-resistant and provides great thermal protection. It’s not as efficient at reflecting the sun’s rays as a metal roof but it definitely can save some bucks on heating and cooling costs. For many homeowners, traditional cedar shakes roofing is attractive because it mellows to a silver-gray with exposure to the elements and time. Wood roofs are very resistant to any winds, hail, and storms. They have the highest impact resistance standards required by the insurance industries.

However wood roofs need maintenance and the help of chemicals to keep them healthy. They are commonly associated with moss growth. Fungus and mildew can be a problem in humid climates, in such case the wood roofs should be treated with a fungicide after the first year.

The most recent alternative to cedar shake roofing is composite shake roofing tiles. For many years traditional cedar shake roofing was the roofing material of choice for many homeowners. Lately people have been rethinking cedar shake roofing shingles because of the cost and fire safety, and have turned to composite shake roofing, which is available in many colors and styles that are easy to install and is less expensive. It is highly resistant to fire and is considered very safe. In fact, many states have required that shake roofs must be replaced with fire retardant treated shake roofs or composite roof tiles that resemble traditional cedar shake roofing materials.

Composite shake roofing does not require special tools for each shingle and are less expensive. They also appear very similar to wood shake roofing. Composite shake roofing is made of composite materials that resemble traditional cedar shakes. They are often indistinguishable from their wood counterparts and manufactured with wood grain and colors that are found on natural cedar shake roofing materials.

Traditional cedar shake roofing shingles need more attention during the process of installation and very often roofers need to custom shape each shingle to make sure it fits and matches the surrounding shingles. Composite shingles are placed on sheets which make it extremely easy and quick to install. They are readily available and easy for a homeowner to obtain for home roofing replacement project. The only disadvantage is that composite shake shingles don’t have a long product lives. Usually it lasts for approximately 20 to 30 years. However, they are considered very durable roofing material.


Why choose a metal roof?

Metal roofing style

A metal roof outperforms any other roofing material. Metal roofing lasts longer, stands up to the elements, saves money and is better for the environment. Majority of people don’t have the understanding of metal roofing technology. Total Roofing makes it all crystal clear for those who want to learn more about metal roofing.

The most popular myths that people fall for is that a metal roof has a higher risk of getting struck by a lightning. Metal roof does not increase the chances of the house getting struck by a lightning. The truth is, when a house does get struck, metal roof will help to dissipate the charge and the roof will not catch fire since it is a noncombustible material. Steel roof is classified as a noncombustible roofing material and it is the most fire safe type of roof available out there. Also, a lot of people are worried that a metal roof will make noises when it rains. This is not valid because modern metal roofs are usually installed over a play wood, solid sheathing, or over already existing roof. Metal roofs shield the noise form rain and bad weather, and are much quieter than a non-metal roof.

Is a metal roof expensive? One would think metal roof costs a lot of money but it really does not. In the long run metal roof is a great investment, it will save homeowners a lot of money versus other roofing products. The cost of a metal roof can be substantially more than an asphalt roof. Two factors that contribute to such cost is as follows: it takes more skilled application for installation and metal roof is a premium product that doesn’t deteriorate as soon as it is installed. Not only will it increase the value of the house but will also save money on cooling costs, up to 50% of savings in energy costs during summer months. That’s because metal roof has a higher heat reflectivity than other roofing products. During the summer it makes buildings cooler by reflecting away sunlight and reducing the heat transmitted into the building. It makes buildings warmer in the winter by reflecting inside heat from the underside of the roof back into the building. This amazing thermal reflectivity translates into energy savings by reducing heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.

Metal roof is durable, once it is installed it lasts years to come. In addition, metal roof is susceptible to rust. Steel metal roofing has a metal coating protection layer made with aluminum or zinc, which is bonded to steel and then painted with high quality paint. It withstands the toughest abuse form bad weather and provides a desirable color.

Metal roof is susceptible to dents. Extremely high winds will not dent a metal roof; many metal roofing systems are rated for 120mph winds. Metal roofs are completely walk-able, but running shoes are mostly recommended because they will provide good traction for feet when on the roof. Rule of thumb is to avoid walking on the roof when it’s raining out. Stay off the roof whenever its surface is wet.

A lot of people ask if metal roof weighs more than asphalt/fiberglass shingles, the answer is no, metal roofs are significantly lighter than other types of roofs. They are 75% lighter than clay or concrete also weigh less than one-third of weight of asphalt/fiberglass shingles. Metal roofing is the modern type of a roof which with its innovative technology makes the life easier, better and safer.

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